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The Health Benefits of Fruit

As we say, an apple each and every day keeps the doctor away, nevertheless for many people this recommendation falls on deaf ears simply because they don’t like fruit. It could be difficult to imagine someone not liking fruit, especially in Colorado in the summer, as Rainier cherries are in the stores and we approach…

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My Professional Take On Colorado’s Obesity Statistics

Before I went on vacation last month, there was an article in the Denver Post about Colorado’s obesity statistics and how we had the lowest obesity rate in the nation. The first thing that went through my mind after reading the headline was, “Yay! We’re #1!” But then I read the article. And soon, my enthusiasm quickly…

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Body Image And The Female Psyche

Over the course of my personal training career, I have had the pleasure of training many female clients. As a matter of fact, I would venture to guess that of all the clients I’ve trained, 85% of them have been women. Being around this many women has given me a fascinating insight into their mindset.…

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