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Why Knee Replacement Patients Should Try Working With A Personal Trainer

After years of wear and tear, it’s no wonder that we sometimes have to pay special attention to our joints—most especially knees and hips. Chronic pain from injury to joints or even arthritis can motivate people to seek replacement surgeries. After surgeons remove the damaged portions, patients experience less pain, but are left wondering, a)…

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Why Exercise And Diet Should Go Together

The mantra seems simple enough: Work out consistently, watch what you eat, and the weight will begin to fall away. And yet, people continue to be amazed when their weight remains the same while in the throes of a workout revival. They go the gym four times a week. They work out for at least…

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Stay Off The Leg Extension Machines

Professionals within the fitness industry are used to lively debate. We are accustomed to hearing researchers argue dynamic vs. static stretching. We have heard many opinions about the best ways to build muscle: low weight, high reps or heavy weight, low reps. And the debates continue. One such controversy involves the use of particular weight…

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