• Jenny Bacon

    Core Fitness rocks! I lost 33 pounds!

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    Jenny Bacon
  • Nanette Colip

    In the last 3 weeks alone, I lost 5 lbs of fat, gained 1.5 pounds of muscle and lost 3% body fat. In 3 weeks!

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    Nanette Colip
  • Valerie Yoh

    I have lost 50 pounds and feel great! I am now a true believer in Dennis and his team.

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    Valerie Yoh
  • Brittany Foster

    I have lost 31 pounds, 21 inches and have gone from a size 10 to a size 4 in pants!

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    Brittany Foster
  • Erin Sprain

    In the past five months, I have lost 23 pounds and ran my first marathon…

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    Erin Sprain
  • Mary Dougal

    …the bonus is I have lost that stubborn 25 pounds that I was looking to lose!

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    Mary Dougal
  • Ryan Korb

    I have lost 35 pounds and continue to decrease my body fat. Dennis definitely accomplishes in 30 minutes what others only attempt to accomplish in 1 hour.

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    Ryan Korb
  • David Sahimi

    In four and a half months, I’ve currently lost over 60 pounds and several clothes sizes…I never dreamed of losing 60 pounds in a little over four months.

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    David Sahimi
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